This is the story of Lora, a Bulgarian orphan, who was destined to die, but was saved by the Grace of God. 

He brought Lora under the attention of a South African couple, Jack and Elsabé Louw who are currently working in Bulgaria. In 1998 they visited a home for orphans with disabilities and were shocked by how dirty and neglected the children were. In the section for bedridden children, one child especially made an impression on them: Lora. According to the nursing staff, Lora was brain damaged and would die soon. At home, Jack and Elsabé prayed a lot about how they could help the children, and Lora's name kept coming back to them.

With great effort, lots of prayers and God's grace, they managed to get her admitted for tests in a hospital in Sofia. At that stage she was seven years old and weighed approximately 7kg. Although the doctors were astonished that Lora was still alive, they found little wrong with her.

There was absolutely no sign of brain damage, Lora was diagnosed as extremely neglected and malnourished. Despite numerous bureaucratic rules and regulations, the Louw's succeeded to obtain a medical visa for Lora, so that she could come to South Africa for treatment.

Here, with the help of therapists, she first learned to sit, then to crawl and eventually to walk - all within one year. She loves to swim, playing outdoors, draw and paint and is very fond of music. She speaks Afrikaans to Jack and Elsabé, English at her school and even know a number of Bulgarian words.

Jack and Elsabé also initiated adoption procedures: although they themselves were already grandparents, they had no doubt that Lora must become their child. Despite the whole system being against them, they succeeded - with God's grace - to adopt Lora soon after their return to Bulgaria. It was a long and painful process, but more than worth the effort.

It is their dream to help other destitute children in Bulgaria as well - those who are despised, neglected and have no voice. They believe that God will enable them to help these "discarded" children through the co-operation of the international community.

They registered a private Foundation in Bulgaria -