Why are children in institutions?

Children are placed in the orphanages for a variety of reasons, including the death of one or both of their parents.

Many are made wards of the state, because the parents are too poor to take care of the children, or because they are simply abandoned by their mothers, or because one of their parents is in prison.

However, there are also many children who are placed in orphanages because of medical reasons.

Children with disabilities are often sent away, because their parents either cannot or do not want to take care of them.

What are their needs?

Physically, these children need food, clothes, shoes etc. Many orphanages are in a poor condition and need furniture, blankets, windowpanes, good mattresses and carpets.

However, the children's emotional needs are even greater.

They crave personal attention, physical contact and someone to talk to.

There is also a need for access to good medical care, including physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

School Supplies are in great need.