Provision of humanitarian aid to children experiencing physical and emotional needs. This includes the distribution of basic food products, such as beans, lentils, rice, flour, pasta, oil, sugar, eggs, white cheese and sometimes meat.

Provision for heating for the winter (wood and coals), warm beds and medication.

Annual summer camps with the help of volunteers from abroad.

Here they also have the opportunity to attend workshops on arts and crafts, various sport activities and having fun.

The Lora Foundation also accommodate and support artists working on murals in the orphanages, as well as international groups who come to Bulgaria to paint the orphanages and do general repair work.

Educational Project: Due to

financial problems the government closed many village schools/orphanages.

Instead the kids attend the orphanage/school only from Monday to Friday. Bus transport has to be provided from the nearest town to the school/orphanage.

At the moment The Lora Foundation pays for the transport.  Without it, these children might end up on the street.  They are from a very poor background.